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9th October 2020 by Marco Sarussi

3 Simple and Easy SEO Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business, you’ll often hear how about how SEO is an essential part of your business growth strategy, and with good reason. 

SEO drives valuable traffic to your website and creates a long-term source of leads for your business. Above all, it allows you to compete in a competitive online world to ensure that your potential clients can find you in Google.

SEO for small business doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Here are 3 small business SEO tips to boost your online presence and gain those all-important leads.

#1 Make Your Website User-Friendly

The first of our SEO tips is to ensure you have a user-friendly site is vital in keeping a visitor engaged on your site. The longer the ‘dwell time’ of a visitor, the more likely your business is to receive leads and enquiries as you drive visitors to service and contact pages

Dwell time sends a strong signal to Google and other search engines. It suggests that your site is of value to visitors and matches the search intent of those who click on to it. 

As a result, Google will reward your site by maintaining or boosting your Google rankings. Here are our top SEO tips to make your website user-friendly:

Engage Your Site Visitors

Website layout has a huge impact on how long a visitor stays on your website. Create a logical layout that is easy to navigate; your site should take the user on a journey that leads them to your contact page, a contact form or your service pages to encourage an enquiry or purchase. 

You can do this by:

  • Use relevant visuals such as image and video.
  • Break up large chunks of text with headings and bullet points.
  • Include call to actions.
  • Maintain consistent styling such as font style and size across your site.
  • Optimise your site for mobile as well as desktop. 

Speed It Up

We’ve all been there: clicking on a search engine result, only to find that the page is taking too long to load. You click back to the search results within a few seconds, impatient. 

A staggering 93% of people have left a website because it didn’t load quickly enough.

Luckily, a few simple steps can ensure your site visitors stay on your page.

  • Remove any plug-ins from your site you no longer need or use. 
  • Optimise your images. The larger your image size, the longer they will take to load.
  • Clear the cache.
  • Remove any pages you don’t need.

Write For Humans, Then Search Engines

The content on your website is a great opportunity to establish a connection with potential clients. 

Your content can express your brand values, engage your visitor and provide useful information about each product or service.

The key to writing well for SEO is to naturally incorporate keywords into your copy. If you try to stuff keywords into your content or they aren’t relevant to the page, your visitors will know. Not only is it distracting, it can undermine an otherwise great article. 

  • Determine a brand voice and stick to it.
  • Don’t stuff your keywords in.
  • Keep paragraphs and sentences short, snappy and concise.
  • Share your expertise.
  • Proofread! It’s easy to miss a typo or grammar error in your writing. 
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#2 Conduct Keyword Research

Did you know that the first 5 organic results account for at least 67.6% of all clicks? Keyword research is the foundation of a strong SEO strategy. 

Google uses keywords to rank your website as it wants to make sure that it displays the most relevant web pages for each search term.

Without adding keywords to your content, it’s unlikely your site will rank high in Google for a valuable search term. 

Luckily, software such as Ahrefs will help you find which keywords your small business can rank for. 

When you conduct your keyword research, remember to:

Determine Your User’s Search Intent

Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes. What would they type into a search engine to find your services or product? Rather than ranking for your brand name, focus on ranking for the services you offer. 

Find A Keyword You Can Realistically Rank For

When you conduct keyword research, you need to ensure that your chosen search term has a good search volume and that your site can realistically rank for it. Typically, search terms with a higher search volume are harder to rank for and are dominated by established websites with a high domain authority.

However, if you are a small business or have a relatively new site, you can compete on a local level and target ‘small wins’. This can include ranking for a specific product or targeting customers in your local area. 

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For example, here at Green Gecko Digital, we are number 1 in Google rankings for the keyword ‘SEO company Leeds’.

Here are our top SEO tips to target local searchers:

  • Fill in a Google MyBusiness listing.
  • Target mobile searchers who are looking for services nearby.
  • Add your business to both local and national business or service directories such as Yell.

#3 Optimise On-Page

Once you’ve got your content on-page, it’s time to optimise it. 

Add an Enticing Meta Description

As search results clicks get more competitive, an enticing meta description can increase the number of clicks to your site – even if you’re not the number 1 search result. Your webpage title and meta description is the snippet of text that appears in a search result. It should be concise, summarise the page and include a call to action.

Don’t forget to include the keyword you want your webpage to rank for in the search result title and meta description. 

Alt Tags

Label your images on each webpage according to the keyword you want to rank that page for. This simple step shows search engines such as Google that the content on that page is highly relevant to your chosen keyword. 

Keep Your Site Secure 

A valid SSL certificate ensures encryption of sensitive information; up to 85% of people will not continue browsing if a site is not secure. An SSL certificate earns your visitor’s trust and shows Google that you are a credible site that deserves its place in search engine rankings.

SEO for small business doesn’t need to be complicated. For an in-depth review, get in touch at

Marco Sarussi

Marco Sarussi is director at Green Gecko Digital, a Leeds-based digital agency that specialise in SEO for SMEs. The company ranks for hundreds of keywords and pride themselves on delivering the same outstanding results for their clients.