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Hopefully some of the questions below are currently buzzing round your head. If so, great, the answers are all here. If not, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

When the 30 day free trial ends, you can either sign up for one of our paid plans or you can cancel completely. No questions asked.

Allow us to be frank. Do you want to run the risk of your website going down or diverting to some dodgy random website for all your customers and potential customers to see? No, we didn't think so. Every website needs support.

We certainly do. As long as the website is built using WordPress, we support it. E-commerce websites are more complex and take more of our resources to look after, so they require our Perform or Grow plans.

In short, no. We can support your WordPress website whether we're hosting it for you, or if you've got that taken care of already. It can be a bit trickier to improve the speed of your website if it's being run on a slow, shared server; so if that's the case it's likely that we'll explain that you need to upgrade it.

Pretty simple. Just send us one month's written notice on email to and we'll stop providing support at the end of your next billing cycle.

With every request you raise, you'll get an immediate automated response, confirming that we've received the details. Following that, you'll hear from one of the team within an hour, who will explain that they're looking into it. They'll also give you an indication of how long it's likely to take to resolve.

We aim to resolve all issues within 24 hours. We don't think you should be waiting longer than that. If for whatever reason however, our team think it might take longer, they will let you know why and how much longer it'll be.

Content changes are things like: changes to text, images, banners, headers, footers, style changes, adding blogs, editing blogs, adding a new landing page, adding vouchers to e-commerce websites. Content changes are not: custom development work (eg. developing a new plugin, entire new section of the website), graphic design or photography work.

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