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Your website represents your business 24/7. What on earth are you doing settling for mediocre support? Enter your web address in the box below and see if Glow can help you.

It's time to end your average support experience

Slow, unreliable, intermittent support is unacceptable. For any business, in any industry. It is however, very common when it comes to website support. Long wait times, time wasted chasing responses and crazily high fees for 2 minute jobs.

Glow changes all that

Have a look below at the sort of things we do.

Super solid security updates

Websites are easy to hack if you know how. And a hell of a lot of people know how! We take great care in keeping our clients' websites secure so that they never have to worry about it.

Backups galore, forever

In a word ... essential. If you're spending time adding great content to your site (and you really should be), don't run the risk of losing it all because you haven't backed it up.

Lightning fast response

We asked our clients what they value most about website support. Top of the tree? Speed of resolving their issues. We aim to resolve all issues in less than 24 hours. 

Adding / changing of content

Don't waste your precious time trying to figure out how to make changes to your website. We'll do it for you, very quickly, so that you can carry on with the rest of your massive to-do list.

Plugin monitoring and updates

Plugins are amazing for extending the functionality of your website. They're also one of the easiest routes to hack it. We will monitor them and update them to keep your website smiling.

Speed improvements

Ask any digital expert and they'll tell you how important this is for the success of your marketing campaigns. We work to make sure your website loads at the speed of light.

Scan and fix broken links

Broken links are a pain. For your customers and for search engines. And the bigger your site is, the harder they are to find. We'll scan your site and make sure we fix any that we find.

Thorough forms testing

Sometimes, tech fails. Where you really don't want it failing is in your website forms. If they don't work, you miss potential business. That's why we test them to check they're tip top.

It's the way to glow!

Obviously we're biased. We think Glow is awesome. These guys do too ...

That was quick!

We asked our clients to rate the most important aspect of website support. Answer? Speed. If they want some help they don’t want to wait 5 days, they want it now. That’s why we built our app. That’s why we monitor the support ticket system 7 days a week. Here’s a few things you could request …

Image changes

Know the difference between a .png and a .jpg image file? What about a .webp? We know these things aren't your bag. That's why we handle image changes for you - the right file type, the right size, razor sharp on every device.

Blog post

You should definitely be creating new and informative content for your website on a regular basis. A blog is a great way to do this. Just send it to us and we'll make sure it's formatted correctly, optimised for search engines and uploaded faster than Usain Bolt's cat.

Text updates

Things change. People start, people leave, terms and conditions are updated, addresses change, services are added, removed and altered, so are products and prices. Let us know what needs altering and consider it done!

New page creation

Adding a new page to a website isn't quite as simple as adding a new page to a Word doc. There's lots to think about. Structure, layout, SEO best practices, images, URL. You get the point. We'll save you the hassle and get it done for you properly.

We'll keep you in the loop

We’re not in 50 Shades of Grey territory here. Web support just isn’t that exciting. We also know that you’ll work with us because you trust us that we’re working diligently to keep your website running smoothly.

If you’re the curious type however, you can login to our app whenever you want and find out what we’ve been up to with your website. You’ll see a full timeline with the date for every action we’ve taken.

Not only that, you can also set it to notify you at the frequency you like and via the method you like … Whatsapp? Sure. Facebook message? No problem. Just set it and you’re done.

Arrange a demo

Kind of like Big Brother. But for your website, not wannabe celebs.

The last thing you want when you’re building a business is to be worrying about the performance of your website. So leave that to us and check in whenever you like. We’re here 7 days a week!

Your customers won't wait

In this world of we-want-everything-right-now-please, you can’t afford for the speed of your website to let you down. With our support plans, we work on improving your website speed so that your customers are more likely to enquire.

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