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Manage Multiple WordPress Sites From One Location

Harness the power of Glow and completely transform how you provide website support to your clients.

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Power up your website maintenance service with Glow

Let’s see … clients emailing amends to you personally instead of your ‘support’ email address? Yep.

What about clients phoning you personally instead of your support team. Yep that too.

Ooh how about clients sending you a Whatsapp message at 10.15pm on a Sunday when you’re watching Netflix? Oh hell yeah!

We’ve had it all.

Isn’t it time you got some more structure in place for the way you offer your website support service? Like, some kind of actual interface that records every interaction, every update, every change you make? Guess it’d be cool if that was all available on an app of some kind too?

Obviously you already know where we’re going with this …

Glow can really help you out here. Just plug it into your business and you’ll save time, be more organised and your clients will love you. (You can probably put your prices up too)!

Glow will increase the value you provide to your clients

You might have been thinking of increasing your prices for a while now. It’s a decision we’ve all pondered over at some point. Well, now you can.

By harnessing the power of Glow and running all your website support through the app, you are increasing the value you’re providing to your clients. Their experience will be more seamless, they’ll be more informed, everything will be more transparent and they will love you more. All of that equals higher fee paying clients!

What are you waiting for?

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