Website Maintenance SLA

Service level agreement

Below details what is and isn’t included in our website maintenance service.


There are four tiers of pricing, set out on the Pricing page here.

Resellers are eligible for a pricing discount.

Resellers do not pay anything to open their Glow account. They only pay when they add a client to the app.

By adding a client to Glow, whichever plan they choose, the Reseller is agreeing to pay Get Glow Ltd for that amount on the same date every month thereafter until the Reseller cancels the plan.

Website Hosting

Get Glow Ltd will not provide website hosting as part of the Services unless specifically requested to do so by the Client or the Reseller and providing Get Glow Ltd are happy to accept the request.

Website Speed

The Client or the Reseller accepts that as Get Glow Ltd do not provide website hosting, it can be more difficult for Get Glow Ltd to improve website speed.


Get Glow Ltd deem the following actions as ‘content changes’ within the structure of its services:

  • Changes to text
  • Adding new sections of text to existing pages
  • Changing of images
  • Adding new images to existing pages
  • Changing the content of banners (this can include changing background images and text)
  • Adding new videos to existing pages
  • Changing videos on existing pages (if provided with the video file or link)
  • Adding new links to the main menu
  • Changing the ordering of the menu items in the main menu
  • Changing sections of colour
  • Changing text and links colours
  • Adding a blog
  • Editing the content of an existing blog
  • Adding a new page (if the page template already exists)
  • Adding a new product to an e-commerce website (if provided with all content and imagery for said product)
  • Removing a product from an e-commerce website
  • Adding a voucher or coupon to an e-commerce website
  • Removing or editing a voucher or coupon from an e-commerce website
  • Updating shipping options on an e-commerce website
  • Adding links to downloadable content (such as PDFs)
  • Updating links to downloadable content
  • Adding emergency messages (eg. if there is a technical error on the website)
  • Adding a popup box and message that links to the client’s email marketing service
  • Changing the information in an existing popup box
  • Adding tracking codes (eg. Facebook pixel, Google Analytics)
  • Adding a map
  • Changing or updating a map (eg. the actual location)


Get Glow Ltd do not deem the following actions as ‘content changes’ within the structure of its services:

  • SEO work on blog posts, such as optimising heading tags, keyword count etc. (Unless specific instructions are provided by the client or reseller)
  • Google Analytics configurations, such as setting up goals and e-commerce tracking
  • Adding entirely new sections to the website
  • Developing a new plugin
  • Graphic design work of any kind
  • Photography work of any kind
  • Video production or animation work of any kind