Phil Storey

21st May 2020 by Phil Storey

Glow’s 5 Step Website Maintenance Support Process

All good businesses run on solid processes and without our 5 Step Website Maintenance Support Process, our support service basically just wouldn’t be as good.

Outstanding support is at the absolute heart of everything Glow is.

So here’s the process in the form of a handy flow chart.

Who doesn’t love a flow chart right?

Our 5 Step Website Maintenance Support Process

website maintenance process

And if you’re the wordy type …

  • [Ticket raised by client]
  • Step 1 – Assess the requirements
    • Can the work be completed immediately?
      • Yes. Move to Step 2
      • No. Reply to the client and ask any relevant questions until you can confidently complete the work. Set client expectations (when will it be done) and move to Step 2
  • Step 2 – Complete the work
  • Step 3 – Update the client and offer further assistance (eg. “That’s been completed for you, is there anything else we can help you with at the moment?”)
    • Does the client reply to say they need help with something else?
      • Yes. Go to Step 1 and begin the process again
      • No. Move to Step 4
  • Step 4 – Close down the ticket
  • Step 5 – Record the time taken

Phil Storey