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31st July 2020 by Joe Timothy

WordPress Hacks: 9 plugins that will give you your time back

Great plugins provide numerous WordPress hacks that allow you to get more value from your website using much, much less time.

How often have you thought if only I had a little more time? 

If only I could drop some of these tasks, what I could achieve, oh who I could be. 

I believe it was with these thoughts in mind that some clever young upstart (I have no evidence they were young) conceived of the plugin. 

WordPress plugins were literally invented to save people time. Their purpose is to get things done quickly that may take you hours, saving you time and your sanity a lot of the time. The pinnacle of wordpress hacks if you will. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking “it’s all very well plugins are about saving me time but who is going to save me the time from finding ones that really will make a difference to my daily life?”  

Fear not, we have taken that burden off your hands by regularly letting you know the best plugins for you to use. Thereby saving you time, improving your website and ultimately getting those customers returning to your digital home. 

Today we start in a meta kind of way with plugins that will save you hours and hours of your precious time. 

Image Inject

Given the background of wordpress as a blogging platform it seems fitting to start with something that will make your content creation that much faster. 

As far as wordpress hacks go it doesnt come more straightforward than giving you access directly to thousands of images right from inside your website. 

Image inject sits there within your blog and allows you to search and insert any image you deem fit. Find out exactly how here.

No more trawling Google and other not so popular search engines for royalty free photos. You can just search from right there within your blog for images to enhance your prose with 3 clicks. 3!

WP Forms

When you build a website for your business you want it to attract people and get them talking to you. One of the best ways to do this is through contact forms. 

Now getting these forms on your site and looking good is no mean feat and can often send even the best of us a bit loopy!

This is where the mighty WP forms come in, with its drag and drop builder it is so easy to get any form you want set up and ready to go. Standing up to any other form builder in the market. 

No matter what you need your form to be, for feedback, subscriptions or payment, WP Forms can get it done.

As far as getting your site set up to encourage customer engagement this plugin can save you hours of fiddly tweaks and constant form changes. 


I mean as far as plugin names go this may be the most descriptive I have ever seen. It gets your blog to your social media platforms as quickly as possible. Clever right? 

There is a very useful free version. However, to get the full experience of what this plugin can do you will need to part with a little of your hard earned cash. Although, for what you get in return it’s well worth it. 

This plugin allows you to schedule, autopost, reshare, plan all your blog postings to your social media accounts directly from within your own website. 

As I am sure you are aware posting to social media can take quite some time. This plugin saves you time by getting it out there as quick as a flash.


In terms of wordpress hacks this is very much the boring yet necessary one. 

Now let’s talk about backups! I’m sorry. 

I understand that this necessity may not be oozing glamour and excitement, but the need for you to ensure your data is backed up and safe cannot be underestimated. Even more so in the post GDPR world. 

Your reputation, delivery and now your bank balance can depend on it.

Fear not I have a plugin for that. UpdraftPlus is the world’s highest ranked plugin for backups and restorations. 

This nifty little plugin will mean you can have peace of mind knowing your site and its data is safe, secure and available for you even if something should go wrong.

You cannot go on without a plugin like this. 

Yoast SEO

Now to get you up and excited let’s follow backups by talking about SEO. No, no better? 

Ok, I get it, yet another not necessarily thrilling topic for most. But I am sure you are aware of just how important this is to your website’s success. 

Getting your SEO game going can mean the difference between success and failure.

To help you on that journey, you guessed it I have a plugin for it! 

This really is the leader in the WordPress SEO plugin world. If you don’t have yoast you aren’t in the game. 

This plugin ensures you fulfil all the criteria that Google wants you to. It will make sure that your keywords are right, check your readability, take care of a bunch of technical SEO stuff and much, much more. 

If you wanna get your ‘A’ game going on SEO this is the plugin to get.

Translate WordPress with GTranslate

Ok so you find your business moving into new territories and you are wondering how on earth you are going to make sure you translate everything on your site on time to be able to allow it to all work? 

Don’t worry we got you. This is an amazing plugin that can translate your site into 103 languages. That is pretty nifty! Think of the unbelievable amount of time it would save you. 

With over 1500 5 star reviews this is a plugin not to be missed. For anyone who is looking to expand into new countries or improve accessibility for users whose first language may not be english this is one of the best wordpress hacks out there. 

Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk

Now let’s talk Spam! No, not the post war meaty delight (although this may deserve discussion), the digital annoyance we all hate. 

Having to deal with those relentless spam comments on your blog posts can consume your time like nothing else. It is a thankless task. 

This is where this plugin comes in. It stops spam comments consuming any of your time. As it helpfully states in no uncertain terms, it:

Stops spam comments, registrations, contact emails, orders, bookings, subscriptions, surveys, polls, in widgets and in WooCommerce.

Pretty clear cut that one. That’s a lot of time you have just gotten back. 

Broken Link Checker

Oh it’s all glamour with these plugins. Broken link checker does exactly what it suggests, it checks broken links.

What’s a broken link I hear you cry? 

Well it is any link that doesn’t work, simple as that. 

Why is it important? 

It has a real negative impact on your SEO score if you have a series of links that don’t go anywhere. Our Google overlords do not like this, oh no, not at all. 

So you need to keep on top of them and make sure you fix them or remove them. 

Now if this doesn’t sound like your idea of time well spent it’s because it isn’t, it is incredibly tedious and boring. What could be fun about fixing broken links? Nothing. 

However, the Broken Link Checker plugin can do this all for you, so you just don’t have to. Check out exactly how here (Method 4)

Get it installed and take advantage of all the time it will save you. 

Enable Media Replace

Oh man, I love this last one. WordPress hacks at their best. 

Have you ever had to replace a logo throughout your site, or a head shot? Perhaps you need to replace any image found throughout your blog? 

You have to find all those images and replace them with the new uploaded one, what an absolute night mare. 

This is where this beauty of this plugin comes in. 

With Enable Media Replace you can simply drop into your media library and replace the image you want to change with your new image, so an old logo for a new one, and it will replace that image everywhere it appears in your site. 

So simple, yet so useful, the time it would save would be invaluable. 

Even if you don’t replace things often just to have this in your site for the one or two times you use it is worth its weight in gold. 

That’s it for now, nine plugins that can save you time by getting the necessary but boring stuff done for you. 

Keep checking in for further blogs on how plugins can optimise and refine your website to support and enhance your business. 

And if you really wanna save time feel free to check in with us and we will see how we can help you getting back to doing what you do best, running your business.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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