Frequently asked questions about our demo

45 mins. Plenty of time for us to explain how Glow can benefit your WordPress business and not too long that you worry where the day's gone afterwards.

Course you can. Turn up on your own or bring the whole gang. It's more time efficient for both you and us if there's at least 1 decision maker in attendance.

We'll cover a few bits:

  1. An understanding of your business and the challenges you currently face with managing your clients' WordPress sites
  2. A quick history of Glow, why we started, where we're going
  3. A closer look at Glow (screen share time), so you can get a good feel for the UI, how the app works and how it'll help you solve the challenges we discussed at the start
  4. Recap - we'll go back over your challenges and Glow will solve them
  5. Moving forward / Next steps
  6. Bonuses :) ... we're always giving little extras away and we'll tell you about these at the end

Yep! We always tailor the demo to show you the parts of Glow that are most relevant to the challenges you tell us you're facing.

Typically one of two things. We create your account, process your payment and book in your first customer success call with a member of our team.

Or, you go away and have a chat amongst yourselves. When this happens, we'll always book in a follow up call before the end of the demo.

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