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WordPress website maintenance is time consuming. Very time consuming.

So much so that it can get overwhelming, particularly as your business grows and your website does with it. A never ending list of content changes, tweaks, security updates and slow loading pages to fix.

Do you really have the time to look after all that and more when you’re already flat out running your business and facing all the challenges that come with that?

We didn’t think so

Meet Glow. Your website’s new best friend. Glow is there for your website all the time. When times are good and when times are bad – because let’s face it – sometimes they are.

Glow is loyal. It doesn’t ignore your website and emigrate to Thailand when something needs sorting out. It’s low maintenance too – it’s ridiculously easy to deal with and always will be. Your website doesn’t have to worry about a thing when it’s got Glow as a friend.

Find out more: Glow for Businesses, Glow for Agencies, Glow for Web Developers.

website maintenance feature of the glow app.

Our powerful support app

A crazily-easy-to-use and powerful app built for delivering outstanding website support. Submit help requests, view a timeline of what we've done and get tips to improve your site.

website maintenance feature of the glow app.

Lightning fast resolution times

We asked our clients what they value most about website support. Top of the tree? Speed of resolving their issues. We aim to resolve all issues in less than 24 hours. 

website maintenance feature of the glow app.

Super solid security

Websites are easy to hack if you know how. And a hell of a lot of people know how! We take great care in keeping our clients' websites secure so that they never have to worry about it.

website maintenance feature of the glow app.

Backups galore, forever

In a word ... essential. If you're spending time adding great content to your site (and you really should be), don't run the risk of losing it all because you haven't backed it up.

Oh you guys are making us blush!

It's a fact. People love Glow's website maintenance app.

website maintenance review by a client of Glow

Chris Thorpe

It’s great to have the peace of mind that our website is always backed up and secure

website maintenance review by a client of Glow

Karen Waite

Having confidence in your web supplier is critical and we know we can rely on Glow

website maintenance review by a client of Glow

Joe Emir

Couldn’t be happier with Glow. They are very quick to resolve any issues with our websites

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Always innovating

We are constantly improving our product, adding new features to improve the support you receive.

website maintenance service by Glow

Content changes

Don't waste your precious time trying to figure out how to make changes to your website. We'll do it for you, very quickly, so that you can carry on with the rest of your massive to-do list.

website maintenance service by Glow

Plugin updates

Plugins are amazing for extending the functionality of your website. They're also one of the easiest routes to hack it. We will monitor them and update them to keep your website smiling.

website maintenance service by Glow

Forms Testing

Sometimes, tech fails. Where you really don't want it failing is in your website forms. If they don't work, you miss potential business. So we test them for you to check they're tip top.

website maintenance service by Glow

Speed improvements

Ask any digital expert and they'll tell you how important this is for the success of your marketing campaigns. We work to make sure your website loads at the speed of light.

website maintenance service by Glow

Fixing broken links

Broken links are a pain, for your customers and for search engines. And the bigger your site is, the harder they are to find. We'll scan your site and make sure we fix any that we find.

website maintenance service by Glow

Maintenance report

On our Perform and Grow plans we'll issue you with a monthly maintenance report that covers everything we've helped you with on your website in the last 30 days.

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