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Reconnecting a disconnected website

The connection between Glow and your client’s website can sometimes fail. This can be due to a number of factors, such as a change to the WordPress login details, or our plugin being disabled.

The steps below will explain how to reconnect a website after it has disconnected.

Step 1

Glow will inform you when a client’s website has disconnected by displaying an exclamation mark next to the WordPress tab in the inner menu of the client area. To the right, you’ll see a message with a Fix now button below. Click that button.

glow manage multiple wordpress sites, begin reconnecting a website

Step 2

You’ll now see a short form that you need to complete in order to reconnect the website. You’ll need the WordPress username, password and website URL for this client.

glow manage multiple wordpress sites, form to reconnect a website

Complete the information and click the Connect button in the bottom right corner.

Step 3

You’ll now see a message explaining that Glow is attempting to reconnect to your client’s website. It should not take long before you then see a success message, confirming that reconnection has completed.

You will now also notice that the exclamation mark showing previously next to the WordPress tab, has disappeared, denoting that Glow is currently connected to your client’s website.

glow manage multiple wordpress sites, reconnect a website success
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