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How your clients can raise support tickets

There are 2 ways that your clients are able to raise support tickets to you:

1. By sending you an email

During the process of white labelling Glow so that it runs from your domain name, you are asked if you would like to give your clients the ability to raise support tickets by sending you an email.

Login to your Glow account and head over to Settings & Billing > White Label > DNS Records and follow the on-screen instructions.

When you add your support email address, Glow will display instructions for you to setup a forwarder on your email so that when your clients raise a support query to your support email address, it appears in the Support Ticket section of your account.

2. By logging into their account

The other way that clients are able to raise support tickets to you is by logging into their account.

For them to do this, you first need to create a user account for them.

Once you have done that, they can login to their account.

When they have logged in, they will go to Support from the main left hand menu and then need to click the Raise ticket button.

From here, they can write their message to you and after they click Submit ticket, you will receive an email notification and will see their ticket in the Support Tickets section of your account.

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